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Traits of People with Numerology Number 5
Published By Iti on 2010-11-19 3161 Views

People due to their date of birth follow some traits, characteristics of the number they are born under. One can obtain this by making easy calculations by adding up the numbers appearing in their date of birth. People born on 5th, 14th, and 23rd in any month comes under number five of numerology chart.

The ruling planet of number five people is Mercury. The specialty of these people is that they are the most supple or flexible in their temperament. They are amicable, and soft and human at heart; they can make friends in number at ease. These people are multifaceted and are accomplished. They are proficient in various kinds of talents. They are optimistic, encouraging, cheerful, and reflects inspiration. These people have motivation thriving in them as well as are the source of motivation for others too. They are master in articulating communication, equipped with fabulous verbal skills. They have their own charisma and magnetic qualities. They possess great persuasion power and can sway people in no time. They are inquisitive to find out every thing related to their matter of concern. They are supple, exceptionally scintillating, and full of valour. They are fond of exploring life and do not miss to undertake any enterprise that they can enjoy to the zenith. These people go for multitasking and progress in whatever they do. They do not like being stagnant as they love changing course of life and are freedom lovers. They show simplicity and innocence in their nature and are trustworthy. They have the quality inherited in them to find a quick way even through a most complicated situation or circumstances.

They have very low stability in their relationships; it is difficult for them to stay committed in their relations, therefore they have many relationships in their bag. They find hardships in completion of their propositions, as they stay back when it comes to cultivate discipline and orderly mannerism. They are devoid of patience and easily trap into the web of anxiety and restlessness. They fall prey to distraction very soon. At times, they can show impulsive behaviour. They get trap in the web of carnal pleasures of life and they are so much involved in satiating them that they forget about their surroundings. Sometimes they become irresponsible towards their work and life.

Suitable careers for them can be in entertainment sector, sales sector, traveling, they can be promoters, businessperson, stockers, bankers, investors.

They can encounter diseases in their life with skin related, pertaining to bile, cold and cough are nervousness, insomnia,

Lucy Days – Wednesday, Friday.
Lucy Dates – 5th,14th,21st.
Lucy Colours – Green.
Lucky Stones – Emerald, Diamond.
Lucky Metal – Gold.
Compatible Numbers for Marriage – 3,5,9.
Compatible Numbers for Romance – 3,5,6,8.


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