Traits Of People With Numerology Number 8

People due to their date of birth follow some traits, characteristics of the number they are born under. One can obtain this by making easy calculations by adding up the numbers appearing in their date of birth. People born on 8th, 17th, and 26th, in any month come under number five of numerology chart.

The ruling planet for number eight people is Saturn. These people are the most powerful of all. These people have a basket full of inspiration and an unusual foresight and are visionary. They are powerful and authoritarian in nature. These people believe in doing actions and in

getting result of their efforts and are highly ambitious and desirous. They are serious and slow in their approach. They are humanitarian and full of generosity. They work persistently and are dogged worker. They believe in forgiveness, are open-minded, radical, and are supple in their approach. They look after the money matter very carefully and circumspectly. These people are highly self-disciplined. They have the efficiency and the capability to complete the task they choose for themselves. They put their every effort to achieve big in life. Life bestows them with success, grandeur, and enormous wealth. They can have all the luxuries of life if they decide and work persistently in their life. They judge the people very smartly and easily find out what sort of a person he/she is. They are leaders in their life and can survive even in the worst. They have good managerial skills and can manage their success, wealth, and fame with great ease and savvy. They love independence but they succumb to resentment and dissatisfaction when screwed by limitations. They are pusillanimous, shy, and devoid of compassion. They make loneliness their companion and prefer

to work alone. However, they are lonely from within and isolated from others but are strong at heart.

However, these people are obstinate; they have very low endurance and are bigot in their temperament. They just want immediate results of their efforts and behave in an impatient manner. These people believe in material values and are adherent of materialism. They are inconsiderate and overhasty. However, they have the requisite power to attain success and wealth but are vulnerable to loosing these treasures. Since they have high desires for having luxuries of life they more of the often fall prey to bad deeds. However, these people should utilize their gifts and power for human benefits and society welfare. Many of the times in life, they encounter with failures and delays in their plan. They easily succumb to addictions, melancholy, desolation and become stagnant. They age prematurely, and sometimes they get trapped in the feeling of being unwanted, as a burden misses essence of love from their life. They think people easily reject them, underestimate them, and so feel ignorant, and abandoned. They involve themselves to arguments and manipulate the circumstances whenever required. They can opt for suicide when trapped by depression.

Suitable career for them can be management related, science, investment, they can be good in public services,

Lucy Days – Saturday.
Lucy Dates – 8th,17th,26th.
Lucy Colours – Black.
Lucky Stones – Blue Sapphire, Amethist.
Lucky Metal – Iron.
Compatible Numbers for Marriage – 1,2,4.
Compatible Numbers for Romance – 1,2,4,5,7.

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